The last thing you want on a sizzling hot afternoon in Malaysia is for your air conditioner to stop functioning. If your air conditioner let you down and you need service fast, you need Sol Aircond Service.

  • Can’t turn on the air conditioner
  • Aircon fan is running but the compressor is not working
  • Water pooling around the air conditioner 
  • The unit emits noise but the fan is not running 
  • Weird noises coming out from the condenser at startup or during operation

If you believe that you need aircon repair, contact us today! 

aircon repair malaysia technician in action

When the temperature is rising and your air conditioner is no working, you need fast professional home air conditioner repair. That’s where we come in. In our daily duties, we often face the choice of repair or replace the air conditioner unit. Here are three points that we recommend our customers put into their consideration before deciding:

  • Age – if the air conditioner is more than 10 years old and is starting to give you problems, it may be best to consider a replacement.
  • Cost-effectiveness – is a new air conditioner system a better investment in the long run? It is essential to calculate the cost of whether forking out more money to get a new air conditioner or spending a minimal amount for repair is more worth it. 
  • Utility rates – a more efficient unit consumes less electricity and save you more energy. In this case, repairing them might not be a good option if you factor the repair cost and utility bills into consideration. 

Some aircon problems are easy to identify. If your aircon is starting to do things that it’s not supposed to be doing, then that’s a typical sign. Jokes a side, there are other underlying problems that can be less obvious. We have compiled several reasons that you need to contact us for aircon repair for your home in Malaysia so we can get your AC unit up and running.