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We provide air conditioning services for both residential and business properties including installation, servicing, repair and replacement. Keep you and everyone cool all day in the hot weather of Malaysia. Contact us today!

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Aircond Service in Putrajaya and Its Surrounding Areas

We all know how hot the weather of Malaysia can be. It’s just uncomfortable at times and I’m sure most of us don’t like to be sweating especially when we’re working. Whether you are looking to turn  your home into a cool and comfy place or to keep your employees cool at work, we can help! We serve areas in Putrajaya and its surrounding areas such as Cyberjaya, Serdang and Bandar Baru Bangi.

Aircond Installation Service Putrajaya

We offer a range of air conditioning units for installation that fits all the factors that one would consider – the space available, the budget and level of cooling needed. Fitting an air conditioner by yourself is possibly one good way to keep the cost down. But, investing on an experienced, trained and professional aircond contractor to install your cooling system would be the best way to keep your aircon unit to be running in good shape in the long term. 

We have the aircon units that can keep your business premise cool. From the smallest fitted aircon unit to large units, we have all the solutions that can fit the size of your cooling requirements. We service Putrajaya and its surroundings with a wide range of aircon options including – wall mounted air conditioning, ceiling mounted air conditioning, skirting level air conditioning and more. 

One strong point that we are proud to boast about is that we have the experience with all well-known brands such as Daikin and Mitsubishi. Don’t worry if our opinions are biased. We are not affiliated with any of the brands. Neither do we receive any commissions from them. When it comes to picking the right model and brand to install on your premise, we give impartial advice based on your needs. We also pride ourselves on our friendly customer-first attitude. 

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Providing You The Joy Of Feeling Cool, Aircond Service Putrajaya

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Even the most expensive aircon system cannot function optimally without consistent maintenance. As it is turned on day in and out, operating full day at times, it starts to accumulate dirt and grime in its system. In some cases, mold could grow in the AC unit as well. This will affect both the air quality as well as performing slower and less efficient as it makes your machine work harder. Chemical service of your aircon maybe necessary to remove these grims from your system.

Some people choose to neglect their air conditioner only to find a hefty bill waiting for them once it start to show problems. Consistent maintenance is necessary to prevent costly repairs or aircon replacement.


The clogged condenser, filters and coils will start to act up, making your air conditioner take up more energy to produce the same amount of output as how it was once able to. More energy is used and there’s also an increased risk of damage to the air conditioner. 


Servicing aircond in Putrajaya and other areas, we can help your cooling system to get the maintenance it needs that will help to improve air quality, increase lifespan and decrease the chance of costly repairs. Contact us today.


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Just like a car, air conditioning units can break down from time to time. This goes the same even for those that the community deem as the best air conditioner in the market. And in our experience, this tends to happen frequently at the hottest point of the year. 

With over 30 years of experience in the aircond service for repairs and maintenance, we have seen every problem that you can possibly imagine. Some of the common issues we repair for both residential and commercial air conditioner units includes: 

  • Poor performance
  • Weird noises coming out of the unit
  • Bad smell
  • Gas leaks
  • Can’t turn the aircon on
  • Water dripping 
  • The unit is blowing air but not cooling
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Depending on the brand, aircon type and the severity of the problem, the cost to repair may vary indefinitely. At Sol Aircond Service, we will take the time to inspect your air conditioner problem. Then, we will identify the solutions on how to repair it. We will discuss our options with you to make sure that you are aware of the costs. Once we reach an agreement, then we can proceed with the fixing. 


If your home or office is located in Putrajaya or its surrounding areas, we can help your unit to work well again. Contact us today for a no-obligation free quote. 


Feel The Chill Of The World Of Cooling

It’s very common that people would renovate their home to make it more comfy. Like turning their attic into a room or extending the backyard for bigger indoor space. Regardless of the scale of renovation, a bigger living space would mean that it needs a different cooling solution. 

Small space such as the attic would heat up quickly. This makes it uncomfortable to sleep in or to do any kind of activities at all. Installing an air conditioner would be the ideal solution to make the space more comfortable under the hot sun throughout the entire year. We install and service a range of aircond units depending on your requirements. 

For cooling solutions in new homes, we can plan out the strategic position for aircon through the entire layout of your home. We will help to keep you cool regardless where you are in the house. 

For more information on our air conditioning services in Putrajaya, contact us today! We are always happy to provide unbiased advice on the queries that you may have.