Our overflowing dedication and commitment to what we do have allowed us to become Seri Kembangan’s most reliable aircond service company. At Sol Aircond Service, we offer top quality service with superior conduct, affordable pricing and expertise from industry experts. This allows us to service your air conditioning units for maximum performance at the best value throughout the lifetime of your investment.

lady on couch enjoying air conditioner after aircon chemical wash service

Sol Aircond Service has the mission to provide the highest quality level of customer service in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, KL’s air conditioner service industry. We focus on building our cooling solutions to cater to the needs of customers for a lot of different levels. It could be just cooling for a room or an entire restaurant space, we’ll do a great job regardless of any.

We don’t just provide great air conditioner service in Seri Kembangan. We also aim to provide our customers with quality, efficiency and cost-friendly solutions in the aspect of our customer service. With our years of experience in the industry, we truly grasp the essence of what it takes to provide business excellence in aircond installation, repair, maintenance and all other related aspects of cooling systems.