Aircon Gas Refill In Malaysia

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Why Do You Need AC Gas Refill?

One of the reasons why your aircon is blowing warm air or not cold enough when it should be cooling is because of low refrigerant level. This is an inefficient air conditioning problem that can be annoying at times. Our experienced aircon service team can inspect your air conditioning unit to see if it has a refrigerant leak or fault and needs to have its gas refilled. If you are unsure what is the cause of your aircon not being cold, let our team help you solve any of your air conditioning issues. We cover a complete range of air conditioner services in and around areas such as Cyberjaya, Puchong and Seri Kembangan.


In most cases, aircon gas refill is not necessary if your aircond installation is done by an experienced and certified air conditioning technician. If your aircond is not cooling, most of the time it just means that there could be an issue with the unit. You might not even need aircon gas refill.

Scenarios that require your AC to have gas refilled is when: 

  • Fault in the hardware during installation
  • Deterioration of the pipes due to prolonged use
  • Improper attachment of the pipe connections 

Sometimes, you may see that there’s a leak from your AC. If you do notice that, it’s absolutely necessary to get it tended to as soon as possible. Hit us up and we’ll send our qualified aircon experts to test and inspect your unit.

In short, the air conditioning system utilizes refrigerant gas. The most common refrigerant on the market is Freon. This gas is housed inside copper coles and uses the process of high pressure to cool down hot air. That’s the core of what cools the air. This gas can be refilled if necessary. Do contact us at Sol Aircond Service to have your aircon gas refill needs fulfilled.

It is not advised to do it by yourself. That’s because the gas itself is hazardous if inhaled too much at once. Some of the signs of refrigerant poisoning is difficulty breathing, headaches, nausea and vomiting, skin and eye irritation, and coughing.

Get You Cool Again With Our AC Gas Refill

At Sol Aircond Service, we understand the frustration and annoyance when your air conditioning unit is not performing as how it should be. It may or may not require re-gassing and most of the time, proper air con service to keep it clean is just what we need to get it working optimally again. This is true in our experience!

Our professional aircon service team can quickly and efficiently inspect your aircond system and provide complete service necessary to take care of the issues before they surface. We cover all types of aircond system for both residential as well as commercial. Reach out to us today and get your aircond units taken care of.


It may sound like a simple task to recharge the air conditioning unit’s refrigerant. It is more tempting as well as it might help you to save cost. However, we strictly forbid anyone to do it themselves. Aircon gas refill is a dangerous task. Only trained aircon technician has the necessary knowledge to carry out the aircon gas refill.

It’s more than just refill the aircon gas. There is also a maintenance check to ensure that the system is charged properly and is functioning well. The entire aircond system will need to be inspected to identify any potential problems to prevent other issues from arising. Calling for professional help will solve the problem quickly and avoid making mistakes that could cost you years out of your air conditioning unit.

When Do I Need Aircon Gas Refill?

There are several methods that can be used to identify if your aircond needs gas refill. Some can be done by yourself while others will require professionals. As a rule of thumb, it is always best to get aircond specialist to get your AC units inspected. Anyway, here’s some methods to check if your aircon needs a gas refill: 

1. Check the fan

See if it moves automatically after switching the aircon on. Do not insert anything inside the fan as it is very dangerous to do so. If it doesn’t move, there’s a possibility that the motor is faulty. In this case, you may not need an aircon gas refill. Give a call to your trusted aircond technician and get it fixed.

2. Check the aircon filter

The aircon filter is the part of the AC that gets easily blocked with debris and dirt. You can open up the front cover and check it by yourself. Clean it once every month at least. More frequent cleaning may be necessary if you have hairy pets. Check out our guide on how to clean the aircon filter. 

3. Formation of frost

Look around the aircon unit for formation of frost. This can be due to leakage of refrigerant. This could potentially damage the motor and other system parts of the air conditioner. Do contact a professional aircond technician right away if you notice the first build up. Coolant also known as refrigerant is harmful and should only be dealt by the hands of an expert.  

4. Hissing or bubbling sound

Check along the refrigerant line if possible and listen from various points to detect the sound. If you hear this sound, that means there is a refrigerant leak. When you do hear such noise, immediately call an aircond contractor to get it sorted. Open the windows and make sure the house is well-ventilated. Refrigerant gas is harmful, so don’t delay the fix. 

5. Use soap test

This is the classic way to detect any leak that works for air conditioning systems as well as cooking gas pipes. Just put a solution of water and soap onto the area where  you think that there may be a leak. You will see bubbles if the coolant is escaping. However, bear in mind that this method is very ineffective if the leak is small. 

6. Using sniffer

A sniffer is basically an electronic detector that helps aircond technician to detect if there is a leak. With this device, it also requires special care to use it properly. That’s because external factors such as wind could interfere with the detection result.


Professionally Done Aircon Gas Refill Malaysia

If you think that your air conditioner unit needs its gas refilled or just simply like to talk about our service options, reach out to us today. Our friendly staff will cater to your enquiries. Ultimately, we will help you reach the best action plan for your AC needs be it for maintenance, repair or installation. We don’t just provide AC service, we build a relationship with our customers. Discover how cool your life will ever be with us on your side.

Sol Aircond Service is a local aircond service company that is built on trust. We provide full aircond related services such as installation, repair, maintenance and aircon gas refill. Our aircon service extends to locations such as Cyberjaya, Puchong, Seri Kembangan, Kuala Lumpur and more. Contact us today.

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