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Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Give your air conditioner a “bath” with our aircon chemical cleaning. Removes dirt, foul odor and kills bacteria and viruses. 

It’s like a spa for your aircon that rejuvenates the system. 

man performing aircond chemical wash

What Is Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

A more effective way of cleaning the air conditioner than a normal aircond service using chemicals. If your aircon is not cold as it used to be, this means it would typically require a deep cleaning. 

In aircon chemical cleaning, there’s a few approaches depending on the need. One is with dismantling which is also called overhaul and the other without. 

In chemical overhaul our aircond expert will dismantle the aircon unit from its wall mount. Each part of the air conditioner will be thoroughly cleaned with chemical solution. 

The coils and drainage systems get cleaned from top to bottom. This potentially improves its performance right back like when it was still brand new. 

man performing aircond chemical wash

When Do You Need Aircon Chemical Cleaning?

One major thing that hampers aircond performance is dirt build up in the system. It impedes airflow and causes other issues like reducing the cooling effect, and taking up more electricity on its normal operation.

For as long as the air conditioner operates, dirt will accumulate in the system. This is even more so if the aircond unit is not maintained regularly.

If you use your air conditioner almost everyday, you will definitely need one soon. If you seldom turn on your AC however, you can try to take note of these few signs. 

  • The air conditioner performance is lower than before. 
  • The AC takes longer to cool the same room. 
  • The unit emits weird rattling sounds or any sound at all. 
  • There’s a bad odor coming out from the AC. 
  • When there’s air pollutants out there such as haze.

Process of Aircon Chemical Cleaning

Don’t worry, you are not involved in the cleaning process. This is just something we share here so you’re transparent about what we do. This is however just a general guidance. 

Our process of aircond chemical wash may differ according to circumstances. 

Now, let’s begin.

Dismantling of the aircon

The air conditioner will be opened up. The parts will be taken out and clean individually. These parts can be the filter, fan coils, water trays and blowers. 

Washing process

We will use safe chemicals to effectively clean up the parts. It will be cleared off the grimes and thick cotton of dust that has been forming in the components. 

Cleaning of the drainage system

AC has a drainage system where the condensate water will flow out. These are prone to dust collection which may cause water leak if clogged. It has to be cleaned properly. 


A professional aircond technician will be making inspection along the way when the parts are dismantled for the cleaning procedure. 

A simple check will be performed to ensure that parts like the fan motor and compressor are working as they should. 

If there’s any issue with it, some minor fix such as wiring fix, greasing the moving fan parts, flushing out debris and sanitizing will be performed. This is subject to terms and conditions. 

Assembling the AC back

Once all the cleaning process is done and the parts are well dried up, it will be assembled back. The unit will be tested to ensure it works before we can proudly declare that the job is done. 

steaming aircond parts
wiping the air conditioner dry after chemical wash
lady on sofa relaxing and turning on air conditioner

How Does Aircon Chemical Cleaning Help Improve Your Life?

Reduce electricity consumption by your aircond

Dirt accumulation is the enemy of your air conditioner. It blocks air flow, makes it harder for the normal cooling cycle to complete, and all this makes it consume more electricity to operate. 

As time goes on, more energy will be required to achieve the same level of cooling some time ago. Aircon chemical cleaning helps to remove these build up.

Your aircon will be able to run smoothly without obstacles. Hence, your room gets cooled just as fast as before. This ultimately improves its efficiency and reduces unnecessary consumption of power by your AC. 

Removes foul odor from AC

Sometimes, your AC may give off a foul odor. It is usually caused by growth of mold and mildew in the aircon itself. 

If you notice there’s a bad odor coming out, it is a very clear sign that you need aircon chemical cleaning to clear off the smell. 

Not only will this get rid of the bad odor, it will also keep the bacteria from building up in your system for quite some time. 

washing parts of air conditioner

Improve quality of the air from the vent

Air goes in and out of the air conditioner whenever it is operating. It is absolutely important to pay attention to the hygiene of your aircond especially if anyone in your household has breathing difficulties such as asthma and allergies. 

Aircon chemical wash will ensure that the interior system of the AC is cleaned. The dirt and allergens will be all washed out. 

This keeps the air flowing in and out of the unit clean, allowing you and your loved ones to breathe in clean and cool air. 

aircon chemical wash service

Increase the longevity of your air conditioner

Our aircon chemical cleaning does more than just deep cleaning your AC components. We also inspect your units to make sure that the individual parts of your aircon are in good condition. 


If there is a need for part replacements, we will inform you as well. That way, we can be sure that the air conditioner will keep on running for you for a long time.


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When choosing an air conditioner company to service your AC, it’s important to get an experienced company to do it for you. 

In the hands of aircond expert, the technician will be able to give a basic aircond service and let you know what else is wrong with your cooling unit. So, it goes beyond just performing aircon chemical cleaning in your home or office. 

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