Reliable Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service Company In Malaysia

Reliable Aircon Chemical Cleaning Service Company In Malaysia

All residential and commercial air conditioning after prolonged use will become infected with microbial contamination. Some examples of these are fungi, mould and bacteria. The air conditioning unit is the perfect habitat for these contaminants. When mould combined with humidity, it can be a potent mix as its spores can be spread around airborne every time you switch your air conditioning on.  It is important to instil this sense of awareness for the consumers to regularly have aircon chemical wash service for their units.
man performing aircond chemical wash

The air drawn into a system in your home or office can contain dust as well as other biological spores and other organic particles. The filter component of the air conditioner may capture some portion of these contaminants.

As for the rest, it falls out of the air stream and onto the heat transfer surfaces. If combined with water, the spores may germinate and grow rapidly.

man performing aircond chemical wash

Our aircon chemical wash price is set at RM110 for 1 unit of wall-mounted air conditioner as start. The best part about us is that the price gets lower with more units that we service for you! 

Here’s a breakdown of our aircon chemical wash price by unit for different types of air conditioners. 

Wall-mounted air conditioners:

1 unit        RM110

2 units        RM100

3 to 4 units    RM95

5 to 7 units    RM90

8 to 50 units    RM85

Wall-mounted aircon overhaul servicing 

1 to 50 units    RM200

Ceiling cassette AC chemical servicing

1 to 50 units    RM250

Ceiling cassette AC overhaul servicing

1 to 50 units    RM350

An air conditioning unite can be the ideal breeding grounds for mould, mildew and other biological contaminants. Just by turning the aircon on, it can distribute these contaminants throughout the living space. 

Airborne contaminants in the living space of a home are one of the hardest types of allergens to avoid. Plus, the heating and cooling of the air conditioning system are like a terraforming system that boosts growth for moulds.

Yes, but it is not enough. Cleaning the filter will help to remove the dust from it. You can regularly wash it but the contaminants will return immediately. The moist environment in the air conditioner through its normal operation is enough to allow mould and bacteria to grow back in about 3 months. 

Not forgetting to mention, there are also areas that you can’t reach such as the indoor coil and fan, the drain pan and the lines. These are target places that mould, fungi and bacteria will also live in. 

The best way to ensure that these contaminants are removed from your air conditioner is with aircon chemical cleaning. This will help ensure that your home is protected from them. Environmental friendly aircon chemical cleaning also reduces the rate of recontamination. 

For some people, this is not to be taken lightly as this mould and bacteria in the air conditioner can suppress the immune system and cause allergic reactions such as runny nose, skin irritation and even trigger asthma attacks. Provide your family with the best comfort and the highest air quality possible. Air conditioner chemical wash is the answer.

steaming aircond parts
wiping the air conditioner dry after chemical wash
lady on sofa relaxing and turning on air conditioner

Our aircon chemical wash service doesn’t just treat your aircon components with a chemical solution. We also clean the inside of the system thoroughly.  Cleaning and flushing the system in a consistent period will help the air conditioner to operate efficiently. And this efficiency also means good care for your wallet in terms of utility charges. 

The rate of corrosion of the aircond parts will also be reduced. This is because most corrosion is caused by the acid secreted by common bacteria that may dwell in the system. This spells bad for the aluminium coils and fasteners.

washing parts of air conditioner

This is highly depending on the usage rate. On normal usage in which most people turn it on during the occasional hot weather or at night time for sleeping, once every 12 months would be sufficient. 

As for the high usage rate, it is recommended to have the cleaning done once every 6 months. The change of climate from sunny time to raining season to is a good time to have your aircon cleaned.

aircon chemical wash service

Sol Aircond Solution’s aircond conductors will perform an in-depth cleaning of your air conditioning system. We will remove the contamination from the filters, air grills, condensate drain pan, coils, aircon compressor and other internal parts. We utilize advanced environmental friendly cleaning products for the aircon chemical wash. In addition to that, our team also can supply a customized maintenance programme that will help to maintain the aircond equipment efficiency by your budget. Reach out to us today!