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Beat the heat with our professional and quick aircond installation Malaysia service. Whether you want to replace your old unit with new ones or looking to change your air conditioner type, we are here to help! Let us shoulder the stress of making your home cooler with our air conditioner solutions from Sol Aircond Service Seri Kembangan. We also provide our outstanding services to areas around Seri Kembangan such as Puchong, Bangi, Cheras, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya and Kajang.

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Residential Aircond Installation Malaysia

Home cooling is not the same for every house. It comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes. There are also environmental factors to consider such as temperature and climate as well as the number of cooling days in a year. 

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We source, supply and install only the best brands for air conditioning in Malaysia. With so many different types of air conditioner available from several well-known brands, how much you know what’s right for your Malaysia home? Worry not!

Sol Aircond Service will help to ensure that your home gets the best air conditioning solution that suits both your demand and lifestyle. We want to help you to live at your own home with absolute comfort at all times.

And, we can help tremendously starting with having the right air conditioner that’s right for your home. We are the aircond installation Malaysia experts that get the job done right. Contact us today.

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Reliable Malaysia Aircond Installation That Helps You To Start Living Awesome

Our Air Conditioner Installation Process

Our goal is to provide the best air conditioning solution for your home and family. So, we have made our aircond installation process to be as seamless as possible. From start to finish, we will be assisting all the way to keep you cool and comfortable.

Initial touch point –  Contact us through our website or by filling out the form. Our reps will get back to you with some questions to enquire further about your needs. This will help us to discover and understand the air conditioning system that you’re looking for. We also can recommend the right cooling system that may suit your requirements. 

Picking your AC – We will help you to select the best air conditioner that your home needs from a wide range of Malaysia’s most trusted air conditioning brands. 

Scheduling the appointment – Book a time that is convenient for you. Our aircond contractors will determine if there’s any extra work that may be required such as crane, ductworks or wall concrete cutting. 

Installation –  Sit back and relax. Our aircond installation Malaysia professionals will get the work running and set up your air conditioner properly.

What does an air conditioner installation require?

Aircon installation will vary depending on the type of cooling unit that you choose for your home. Before picking one, it is important to put some thoughts into these several aspects: 

  • Size of the air conditioner unit for the house – sizing of your AC unit is important as it affects comfort and efficiency. An undersized air conditioner may fail to keep the house cool on hot afternoons even when running at full capacity. This can increase your energy bills. On the other hand, having an oversized air conditioner could increase the cycling on and off of the air conditioner unit. This can increase the wear and tear that could lead to premature breakdowns of your aircon unit. 
  • Aircond installation with the same unit – sometimes, our customers are just comfy with the brand and unit that they are familiar with. So, our task is just to replace the old air conditioner with the same type. This is beneficial in terms that it would require less configuration during the installation. 
  • Addition of air conditioner – adding any type of air conditioning unit to your home will help to reduce the humidity levels of the house. 
  • Central air conditioning units – this type of air conditioner requires ductwork. Ductless split air conditioner systems are the better option for homes without existing ductwork. 

To ensure that the aircon installation is set up optimally and safely, we recommend that the service is performed by qualified aircond contractors like Sol Aircond Service.

Aircond Installation Price Malaysia

Air Conditioner Installation Price (RM)
Installation only - 1.0 to 3.0 HP (up to 10 units)
RM 190
Installation with piping - 1.0 HP (up to 10 units)
RM 230
Installation with piping - 1.5 HP (up to 10 units)
RM 260
Installation with piping - 2.0 HP (up to 10 units)
RM 290
Installation with piping - 2.5 HP (up to 10 units)
RM 330
Installation with piping - 3.0 HP (up to 10 units)
RM 370

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Keeping You Cool And Healthy

More and more families are choosing to install high-quality air conditioning. This is because creating a cool and comfortable living environment has become an essential quality of life for Malaysians.

There was one time, air conditioning was considered a luxury. But, the time has changed this in a good way. More people are seeking to increase various ways to make their home more comfortable.

Whether you are renovating or looking to make your home space more comfortable with an air conditioner, we have the expertise and knowledge across all the aircon brands in Malaysia.

We can help you to find the best cooling system that would suit your family’s lifestyle with our aircond installation Malaysia services.

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Trained Aircond Installer At Your Service

At Sol Aircond Service, we aim to bring our clients an air conditioning system that suits their needs and their lifestyle. It’s all about setting up the perfect comfortable and cool condition.

That is our top priority. We ensure our aircond installation Malaysia service is quick and efficient without taking too much of your time. 

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Our team consists of qualified and experienced aircond contractors that have been in the industry for quite some time. We assure that all the work we completed is at a high standard regardless it’s big or small. 

No house is ever the same despite they can be in the same residential area or apartment. Therefore, we offer a wide range of air conditioning systems for a lot of different brands and models to serve the different needs of our clients. 

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