Can Air Conditioner Dry Clothes

can air conditioner dry clothes

Air conditioners are more than just a cool technology that makes your home comfortable to come back to. It can help keep mosquitoes away and give you a better environment to sleep in. It’s pretty hard to imagine a life without air conditioners. 

Yes, the air conditioner can dry clothes. Cool air has less ability to hold more moisture than warm air. Hence, it’s less humid. AC also withdraws moisture and creates a cold and less humid environment which will allow moisture to escape from the clothes better. Even more so under direct sunlight ,allowing your clothes to dry faster.

Even when your clothes can dry faster being cooled by aircon, it’s not exactly a great idea to be drying them indoors.

This is an exception if the weather does not allow you to dry your clothes outdoors. Rain and weather storms can really put us to no choice at times.  

Is It Bad To Air Dry Clothes Inside?

is it bad to dry clothes in the house

Drying your clothes indoors may seem to be a good idea. You can leave it in the house and go out to work in the office. When you come back, you’ll come home to clean and dry clothes without having to worry of them getting wet in case it rains suddenly. 

Plus, it’s more environmentally friendly and cheaper than to purchase a dryer to do so. It seems to be the perfect plan. 

Not exactly. 

It is bad to dry your clothes indoors. Wet clothes can actually increase the humidity of your home. This will lead to all the other problems that increased moisture levels can do.

It’s bad to dry your clothes inside the house because it encourages mold growth.

Mold loves humid areas. Keeping wet clothes in the house will skyrocket the humidity level in the room. 

Such a humid setting is favorable for the growth of mold. When mold grows, they release spores as their means of propagation. 

These spores can be harmful to some people. Certain people may have adverse reactions to it. 

The spores are also not visible to the naked eye. So, if your loved ones experience any skin allergies or breathing troubles, be alert especially if you have the habit of drying wet clothes indoors. 

What Is The Right Way To Dry Your Clothes Indoors?

For most apartments, getting a dryer is almost like a compulsory thing. The limited space makes it a challenge to dry the clothes on the balcony. 

Using the air conditioner to dry clothes can be a choice but the humidity level needs to be kept under control.

Here’s alternative ways that you can implement that helps to dry your clothes indoors:

1. Spin dry the clothes at high speed

Before taking out your clothes from the washing machine, set it to spin for another round at high speed. More moisture will be removed from the clothes that way. 

This will help to reduce the drying time as well when you hang them up. 

2. Put them on drying rack 

put the clothes on drying rack

The limited space of apartments will sometimes force us to dry the clothes indoors. Getting a drying rack is best for this. 

Drying rack that is foldable will help us to save space when we’re not using it. It also has a lot of rods that maximize the space usage. 

It is important to keep the windows open when drying indoors. Use the fan as well to blow at it. 

Best if placed near the sunny window. 

Not only will this help your clothes dry faster, it will also reduce the humidity and musty smell in your living space. 

I usually leave the clothes under the fan overnight. They’re usually well dried the next morning. 

Also remember to lay your clothes neatly to avoid wrinkles. Crumpled clothes also may increase drying time.

3. Blow dry with hairdryer

Blow dry clothes with hairdryer

Hairdryer has a hot setting that makes it possible to dry your clothes indoors. First, you have to lay your wrung out clothes and place them on a surface. 

Then, hold the hair dryer close to the clothing and blow at it.

Remember to change positions before it gets too hot on the same spot. The heat could damage the fabric. 

It may not effectively dry up the clothing completely. But, it will help to speed up the process.

4. Dry small articles of clothing in the oven

Indeed, it’s feasible to dry your garments in the oven. Be that as it may, this technique is just useful for little pieces of clothing like socks or clothing and can take as long as an hour to completely dry. In the event that you actually need to try it out, preheat your oven to 100 degrees and spot your little things on a preparing sheet. When the broiler is warmed, turn it off and place the preparing sheet on the oven.

Remember that this strategy may not be awesome for your broiler, so try to wring out your apparel so it’s not dousing wet when you place them in the oven.

5. Use the towel and iron technique

Use the towel and iron technique to dry the clothes fast

To utilize the iron and towel stunt, lay your piece of clothing on a pressing board as though you will press it. Spot a perfect towel on top of your article of clothing and iron the towel immovably on the two sides utilizing high hotness. This stunt helps channel warmth into the texture which retains abundance dampness.

Never put a hot iron straightforwardly on a wet garment. This might harm the texture, making it unwearable.

While the verdict by far for the question whether can air conditioner dry clothes by far point to a yes, it is not recommended as it increases the level of moisture in the house.

Sometimes, drying clothes indoors is not evitable. It’s the rainy season, so you can’t let the air dry by the balcony. Putting them indoors seems to be the only solution without having to make the wallet bleed to get a dryer that’s not even that 100% efficient in drying the clothes as well.


So, can air conditioner dry clothes? The short answer is yes but there are other considerations to be thought about as the humidity can bring their own damages, 

The key here is actually to make the clothes as dry as possible before hanging them indoors. 

Leaking AC can increase the humidity level in your house, causing mold, damages to the wall, carpet and interior of the house. Reach out to us today and let Sol Aircond Service get it fixed!

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