Breath Only Clean Air From Your AC With Our Aircon Chemical Wash Price at RM130

aircon chemical cleaning price rm130

Aircon chemical wash ensures that the AC is clean of dust and also harmful bacteria and viruses. It ensures the system works well and vents clean air for you and your family. Our aircon chemical wash price is at RM130.

Get FREE Aircon Gas Refill!

Keep your AC cool for long time! We’re also giving FREE aircond gas refill at 20 psi as well.

We always provide quality workmanship in every job that we do. Hence, we are providing 30 days of warranty for our services.

So, don’t hesitate on whether to choose us or not. We take our job seriously and with pride.

Experienced Aircond Technicians

All of our technicians are experienced in handling all sorts of air conditioner regardless of their size and brand. Training is given from time to time to ensure our AC specialists are competent.

Be it for commercial or residential, our aircond experts are well trained to deal with the complexity of even the most recent air conditioner model.

Therefore, you can rest easy knowing that your air conditioner will be working fine and well after our chemical wash. The air will be fresher and cool as well.

We are here to help bring you comfort through coolness and to provide excellent quality service. Building long-term relationship with our customers is our priority.

We don’t want a one-time service. We want to be the go-to center for our customers to take care of their air conditioners.

chemical cleaning aircon price RM130

Fully Vaccinated & Adheres To SOP

The pandemic is a real scare. We take your safety to the extreme level by adhering to strict SOP when we’re performing our aircond service job.

All of the technicians that we send onsite is fully vaccinated and is trained to follow the SOP. We would never do anything that will put our clients at harm’s way.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No matter where you are in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, we will get to your area to provide our aircond service with quality in mind.

We’re here to make long term relationship and not a one-off type of business. So, we ensure that the quality of our service is good so that people will keep coming back to us.

Why Do You Need AC Chemical Cleaning?

Chemical cleaning is a step further beyond just a normal aircond service. Chemical is used to wash the interior of the air conditioner.

This chemical washes out the dirt, allergens, bacteria and viruses that may reside in the AC unit after long use.

Other than that, some signs that tells you its time for a chemical cleaning includes:

  • aircon not cold – AC is supposed to cool the air. If it’s not doing the job that it’s intended to, chances are there’s something wrong with the inner components of it.
  • allergic reactions from tenants – if for some reason, the tenant of the house face sudden allergy symptoms, one of the place to take care of is actually the air conditioner. There may be allergens sticking to the filters of the AC that needs to be cleaned off.
  • there has been air pollution – open burning causes haze that could clog up the air conditioners over time. It may even start to smell weird after prolonged exposure to air pollutants such as haze. That is when you need chemical cleaning to ensure your air conditioner is working fine and vents out only clean air.
  • bad smell coming from AC – nobody likes foul odor. If your air conditioner is venting out smell air, chances are there’s something wrong with the inside of the aircond. You could poke around to identify the source of the smell. Better yet, contact us today and we’ll sort it out for you!

These are just some of the signs to look out for in your air conditioner. Don’t forget to checkout our blog for more resources!

The Best Aircon Chemical Wash Price In The Malaysia

We focus on providing excellent quality value for our customers with trained technicians, constantly improved standard of operations and periodical training of the industry technologies.

All these ensures that whenever our customer calls us for service, we always get it done perfectly. There also won’t be sudden AC breakdown after our service.

Reach out to us today and you can rest well knowing that your air conditioner is in the right hands of the experts at Sol Aircond Service.

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