How To Prevent Bugs From Coming Through Air Conditioner

It is not unusual that insects find their way into your house through the air conditioner. This may be horrifying but it is not without preventive measures. Today, at Sol Aircond Service, we will show you a few effective ways on how to prevent bugs from coming through air conditioner.

Here’s how to prevent bugs from coming through air conditioner: 

1. Use paper towel to fill in the gaps of breaks between your AC unit and the wall.
2. Use duct tape to seal the noticeable spaces between the unit and your window.
3. Keep your outdoor AC unit free from bushes and trees.
4. Replace your yard with rock garden.
5. Clean up your gutters and downspouts.
6. Stop any water leak around your aircond unit.
7. Setup an AC maintenance.
8. Seal dividers with caulk.
9. Put up screening on the window to prevent insects from entering.
10. Use cardboard to block area of the window.
11. Use additional barriers to block the entry point of insects.
12. Change to a different room.

1.Use paper towels

use kitchen towel to prevent insects from coming through the gaps

You can crease up thick paper towels into rolls and stuff them into the breaks around your AC unit.

There are holes on the top and sides were paper towels will fit pleasantly. You can push various paper towels into each hole until it’s totally close.

Purchase a lot of towels fit as a fiddle to your AC unit and window. You can likewise utilize duct tape to get the paper towels set up.

2. Use duct tape

use duct tape to prevent bugs from coming through air conditioner

Duct tape fixes everything. Also, AC units are not exempt.

You can go through conduit tape to rapidly seal any noticeable breaks around the unit and your window. In the event that you have hairline fissure, duct tape is a simple arrangement that is modest, quick, and does the work.

Duct tape doesn’t work for any holes that are more extensive than an inch thick. And surprisingly then, at that point, you’re pushing your possibilities. duct tape ought to just be utilized to seal up little breaks.

Bigger ones will require more drastic actions. Remember that conduit tape doesn’t hold protection well, so you’ll wind up running your AC or warming up which will set you back more dollars in power.

3. Stay Aware of the Landscaping

be aware of landscaping to prevent bugs from coming through air conditioner

Raucous bushes, trees, and other foliage can be tricky with regards to keeping nuisances out of your air conditioner. You never need to let branches or other regular distensions develop excessively near the condenser. This external part ought to preferably have 2 to 3 feet of leeway on all sides. This will take into account great ventilation. 

It will likewise guarantee that creepy crawlies living on neighboring branches or fences don’t have a simple way in. Once you’ve improved leeway, set a timetable for consistently cleaning up low-hanging branches and other regular, developing components that regularly infringe upon this space. 

Never keep garbage bins, yard clippings, or heaps of wood around here. In the event that natural flotsam and jetsam like tree leaves and twigs are a consistent issue in this space, consider utilizing non-living arranging components like embellishing rocks or fake turf as a feature of your outside stylistic layout.

To begin with, any plants, trees, or fences ought to be 2-3 feet from the condenser. Actually, like most different things in this world, it needs space to move around. Ensure any tree limbs are not very low. Additionally, clean any trash from around the condenser. Leaf heaps are an incredible starter home for bugs.

Second, move whatever might draw in bugs from your condenser. This incorporates heaps of wood, garbage bins, and grass clippings.

By cleaning up any get-together places for bugs, you’re limiting the danger of bugs coming in through the air conditioner.

4. Consider creating a Rock Garden

create rock garden instead of normal green garden to reduce attracting insects

On the off chance that tidying up greenery appears to be an absolute buzzkill, why not put in a stone nursery?

These stone nurseries are acquiring notoriety on the grounds that they are simple to keep up with and dry spell safe. Additionally, they will dissuade bugs from making their homes around your condenser.

A stone nursery can be anything from tastefully satisfying rock to blocks, or even enormous waterway rocks. Additionally, tall plants might possibly impede wind streams and obstruct your condenser’s curl. A stone nursery would totally ease this issue.

5. Clean Your Gutters and Downspouts

clean your gutter to reduce chance of insects coming into your house

Over the late spring residue, leaves, and other garbage can undoubtedly develop in your homes drains and downspouts. This development is an amazingly welcoming home for irritations and critters.

Clammy, natural trash can gather in your drains and downspouts throughout the spring and fall. If it doesn’t get out intermittently, particularly before summer hits, you’ll likely have a bug issue on your property. 

Wet bunches of leaves that struggle drying out in these spaces can draw in insects, mosquitoes, bugs, and numerous different bugs. Tragically, the vast majority don’t contemplate wiping out their drains and downspouts until not long before the blustery season shows up. 

Albeit messy downspouts and drains can absolutely be alluring to bugs, it won’t be some time before these bugs are searching for approaches to really get into your home.

Regularly cleaning your drains and downspouts isn’t just something to be thankful for, however it additionally wards off bugs.

6. Stop Water Leaks

Cockroaches are continually searching for water. A soggy spot could give a brilliant home to a group of cockroaches. That is the reason you’ll need to investigate any water holes and fix them up as quickly as time permits.

Really take a look at your hose nozzles and ensure they are quite close. If you notice any water spilling from your condenser its in excess of a signal for insect families, it very well may be a pointer that something is off-base with your AC

7. Set an AC tune up

schedule aircon maintenance to reduce risk of bug coming through your AC

Regardless of whether your condenser has spills, breaks, openings, and freedom issues or not, planning an AC framework adjustment before the beginning of summer is significant.

The advantages of doing as such reach out a long way outside bug ability to control. This is the most ideal way of guaranteeing dependable, proficient activity all through the hot season.

During this visit, your supplier can search for spaces of conceivable entrance all through the framework. While the air conditioner is one exceptionally normal way for bugs to enter, they can likewise get entrance through little, unlocked openings in outside dividers, the ventilation work, and the bring vents back.

The danger of bug pervasion additionally exists with ductless small split air conditioners. With a full framework examination, you can get a multi-pronged and needs-explicit counteraction plan for keeping bugs under control.

8. You can seal dividers utilizing a Caulk

A Caulk is a delicate mud like material, utilized for fixing breaks, spillages, openings in structures. We have various kinds of Caulks, however the most appropriate ones for cooling hoses are Acrylic caulk and Polyurethane caulk.

Albeit both can be utilized similarly, there is a slight contrast. The Acrylic Caulk must be utilized to fill little openings, while the polyurethane can be utilized to a bigger opening.

Duct tape versus caulk

For holes that the accordion side boards don’t seal, consider utilizing duct tape rather than caulk. It’s a lot more straightforward to eliminate later on and furthermore to change the accordion boards. In the event that you seal it up with caulk and need to change later, it’s an agony.

So utilizing duct tape is more straightforward and more helpful for level boards.

Most AC units have some sort of extenders to squeeze flush into your window edge to keep messes out. Close the edges totally with channel tape to make it safer against flying bugs and insects.

No seal is impermeable.

9. You can utilize screening

You can attempt window screening outside your AC to keep away from bugs or different bugs from entering the home. It’s a helpful and best technique to seal a window  air conditioner.

Regardless of whether your air action doesn’t fit a flush contrasted with your window, the entire window wrapping screen forestalls any bugs or other flying nuisances from moving to your room.

This is the best technique that functions admirably yet for this, you want to introduce screening appropriately. Since, supposing that you introduce it badly then there will be a ton of holes for bugs to go into your home.

10. You can utilize cardboard

use cardboard to stop bug from coming in through air conditioner

This is the least expensive way of fixing the window  air conditioner. You can utilize it also to seal the AC and get alleviation from bugs. If you have an air conditioner unit utilizing accordion folds, you can cut your standard cardboard since it fits impeccably to seal each and every opening.

You can tap with cardboard around your window and ensure you cover every one of the edges and breaks in light of the fact that even the littlest section point can be utilized by bugs.

This strategy won’t be so delightful to take a gander at however works much better.

11. Add Additional Barriers

As a last resort, you can utilize different materials to make an actual hindrance that squares messes with straightforwardly.

This is a typical strategy for the people who own AC units with accordion-style folds. Those frills are famously shaky, so it pays to utilize additional support.

You can utilize thick cardboard to cover the movable material. Use channel tape to cover each hole. A few property holders have tracked down progress with texture and covers, as well.

It’s not the prettiest arrangement, but rather it’s one that gives fast outcomes.

If your cooling holds tight the outside, you can utilize extra. It can change regardless of whether your unit goes out. It is exceptionally simple to introduce and it will assist with keeping most creepy crawlies from your home through your cooling.

12. Utilize an alternate room

use another room if insect is coming into one

You can generally move your gateway unit to another room or window.

A substitute room might have less bugs, or it shouldn’t trouble you so much if the bugs are entering from elsewhere. Essentially it’s not your room.

Square off that room from your room. Add traps, bug lights, or citronella candles in that space to repulse bugs from coming in through the window.

Consider it a quarantine space for bugs that end up getting in, yet stops them before they contact you around evening time. Particularly when you’re sleeping.

We hope these simple steps on how to prevent bugs from coming through the air conditioner have been educational and useful. Try it out and see what works for you. If you experience further problems with your air conditioner, get in touch with us right away!

At Sol Aircond Service, we are focused on aiding each of our clients to appreciate productive, issue free cooling throughout the years. Our air conditioner upkeep and fix administrations are ideal for families with undesirable, six-legged visitors. We additionally offer choices in channel cleaning, electric fix, and warming fix at profoundly cutthroat rates. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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