Malaysia Day Aircond Service Price Promo - RM95

aircond service price RM95 for malaysia day

Get FREE Aircon Gas Refill!

In conjunction with Malaysia day, we are offering a very low price for air conditioner service. Our aircond service price is only at RM 95.

We’re also giving FREE aircond gas refill at 20 psi as well.

The pandemic has really not been kind to us and the economy. With everyone adapting to the new work from home lifestyle, having an optimally functional air conditioner is essential for comfort and productivity.

Get the fresh breath of air that you and your loved ones deserve with our aircon service today!

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Trained Aircond Technicians

We only hire certified technicians as part of our company workforce to carry out the aircond service job. That’s how we ensure that you’re getting the best value from our aircond service price.

Our aircond experts are knowledgeable to deal with a variety of aircond brands be it for commercial or residential.

Hence, you don’t’ have to worry about your AC facing the risk of another breakdown shortly after the service. We take our workmanship quality seriously.

We’re here to help bring comfort to you and establish a long term relationship. Our aim is to be the sole aircond service team that communities in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor can turn to without disappointment.

Fully Vaccinated & Adheres To SOP

The pandemic is a real scare. We take your safety to the extreme level by adhering to strict SOP when we’re performing our aircond service job.

All of the technicians that we send onsite is fully vaccinated and is trained to follow the SOP. We would never do anything that will put our clients at harm’s way.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

No matter where you are in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, we will get to your area to provide our aircond service with quality in mind.

We’re here to make long term relationship and not a one-off type of business. So, we ensure that the quality of our service is good so that people will keep coming back to us.

Why Do You Need AC Service?

The same reason why you would send your car for service, the same goes with air conditioner.

Aircon service is essential to make sure that it is functioning optimally without consuming more electricity than it should as well as to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Some signs to look out for is:

  • aircon not cold – AC is supposed to cool the air. If it’s not doing the job that it’s intended to, chances are there’s something wrong with the inner components of it.
  • water starts to drip – air conditioner are not supposed to drip anything at all. So, when it does, there must be a clog somewhere that the water could not flow properly.
  • aircon is running constantly – aircon will actually stop when it reaches the desired temperature. So, if it runs constantly without stop, that means it didn’t reach the set temperature. It’s time to check it out.
  • bad smell coming from AC – nobody likes foul odor. If your air conditioner is venting out smell air, chances are there’s something wrong with the inside of the aircond. You could poke around to identify the source of the smell. Better yet, contact us today and we’ll sort it out for you!

These are just some of the signs to look out for in your air conditioner. Don’t forget to checkout our blog for more resources!

Great Value At Reasonable Aircond Service Price

We take pride in providing full range of air conditioner service for home owners and businesses. Our focus is not only on the quality but also on the reasonable pricing.

Reach out to us today and you can rest well knowing that your air conditioner is in the right hands of the experts at Sol Aircond Service.

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