Is it necessary to service AC every year?

is it necessary to service ac every year

Having a cool place to shelter from the harsh hot weather is an absolute necessity in Malaysia. It used to be a luxury for most but has slowly become a huge part of our lives. Before you know it, it’s everywhere. Any business facilities without aircon are frowned upon. So, keeping the aircond up is important. Annual aircon service is one of the industry practice to keep it up at all times. But, is it necessary to service AC every year?  

No, it is not necessary to service AC every year but it is recommended. Aircon is like your car. It needs maintenance as the parts will deteriorate and collect dusts in time. Periodical maintenance will help you to avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns in the long term. It’s like an investment that if you do it early will actually save more than having to fork out from your wallet for the replacement parts or worse, buying a new air cond. 

The risk of aircond problems increases by the year. But, it may not necessarily happen if you miss one year of maintenance. 

What are the risk of not having aircon serviced?

Increase in electricity bills

When you don’t get your air conditioner units serviced, it will run less efficiently. The dust can force your condenser to work harder and channel the cool air out of the indoor unit. This will also mean that your cooling bill will increase more than usual. 

This is the extra cost that you might have to face in a monthly pace. So, is it necessary to service AC every year? The increase in bills doesn’t mean that you have to get the aircon maintained. If the difference isn’t that significant, you probably don’t have to call your local aircond technician to come for a service. 

You just have to be sure that the usage of other electrical appliances is not that changed drastically to get a fair comparison. 

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You may have to pay more for the repairs later 

An air conditioner unit can work for about 10 to 15 years. However, not maintaining it will reduce that lifespan. Dirty parts in the system will cause it to work harder to deliver the same level of cooling. 

This translates to higher energy consumption and also reduction in the durability of your air conditioning system. However, this does not mean that you have to get it maintained ASAP. 

Plan ahead and check if this risk is worth taking. Ask yourself, will you be moving away soon? Are you planning to sell the house? Or other life adventures that sets you in motion. If things are good, you probably don’t have to spend the money for annual maintenance. You just have to take the risk of buying a new one if the plan didn’t work out and you’re stuck in the same house.

The air conditioner might breakdown unexpectedly 

Just like how you can treat your car’s routine maintenance, you can do the same for air conditioner. It is completely optional but there is a risk that it will break at the most inconvenient times and makes it heavy on your pocket. 

Problems like aircond blowing warm air,  loosen electrical connections, clogged drain line and friction in the aircon motor can be a few of those that will tend to appear as time goes. 

However, these may not necessarily happen in the younger years of your aircon unit. So, is it necessary to service AC every year in this sense? Probably not. 

Some suppliers provide free aircond service for the first few years. This shows how confident they are that the aircond won’t break down or give any trouble in the early years. Things might get a little bit tricky after passing the warranty period. You’ll have to take calculated risks if you want to save that aircon service expenses.

Can I service the AC by myself? 

There are a lot of parts that an AC is made of. The inner parts may be out of reach and require some technical knowledge on how to dismantle them properly. But, there is one simple cleaning that you can do – cleaning the filter.

Right at the front part of the indoor unit is probably a flap that you can open up and see two pieces of filter inside. They’re detachable. Take them out and clean them under running tap water. Dry them properly and slot them back in later. You can do this at least 2 or 3 times a year. 

That’s pretty much it. Hope this answers the question “Is it necessary to service AC every year?”. It mainly depends on whether we are willing to take calculated risks and to do the simple DIY aircon service that we can on our side. 

For more complicated maintenance works, don’t hesitate to approach us at Sol Aircond Service. We provide aircond service throughout Seri Kembangan and it’s surrounding areas such as Putrajaya and Cyberjaya.

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