What Happens If AC Is Not Serviced?

what happens if ac is not serviced

Most of us will get an air conditioner and flick the switch on whenever we need to fight against the warm and unforgiving hot weathers of Malaysia. The use of this technology is almost taken for granted. Some of us use it like how we would with our washing machine and dryer – we don’t see it as a need to send them for aircond service or maintenance. It is a common misconception that we can use it until it breaks down and only call the aircond technician then. However, this is not exactly how an air conditioner is. So, what happens if AC is not serviced?

When AC is not serviced periodically, it will collect dust and dirt in the system. These will also get into the filters. The accumulation of dust and dirt will reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner. More energy will be needed to get the same amount of cooling compared to when it’s in a clean state. Therefore, there will be higher electricity consumption. It may also experience frequent breakdowns, hence higher cost may be waiting when the need to repair it arises. 

It is best to have a routine check for your air conditioner rather than having to face the down side of what happens if AC is not serviced. Here’s more impact of not servicing the AC:

Low cooling effect

man suffering in heat as ac breakdown

One of the easiest DIY aircond services that everyone can do to keep the cool air blowing is to clean the aircon filter.

It keeps the dust away from obstructing the airflow. However, this may not be the best solution to keep the air conditioner in its best form. 

Sometimes, even when you turn the temperature low, the air from the aircond is still not cold. This is what happens if AC is not serviced.

It is probably due to low refrigerant levels. In this case, it is best to get in touch with an aircond expert.

A qualified aircond technician will be able to help you identify the low coolant problem quickly and get it restored on the same day. 

Pertaining to the issue of low refrigerant level, there are several possible causes. One of them can be leaking coolant. This is one of the most common issues that can be avoided entirely with regular aircon servicing.

Routine check by aircond contractor will be able to have the problem spotted at an early stage before the low cooling takes place.

This is one important aspect of servicing the AC especially when you’re running a store. It will be like warding off customers if you greet them with a warm aircond.

Unexpected breakdowns

Putting AC servicing to the bottom of the list will not help you get the best out of your air conditioning system.

Wear and tear is bound to happen for anything with moving parts and this includes the air conditioner. Some parts of the aircon need to be lubricated to ensure they are running smoothly. 

Aircond professionals also can detect any problems right at the early stage so it can be fixed before a more costly issue appears.

The last thing we want is a sudden breakdown. Those few hours of warmth is probably not a welcoming experience. 

Costly repairs

costly repairs await when ac not serviced

Giving a call to the nearest aircond service team near you when your aircond is no longer working usually is caused by some major damage to it. Certainly the aircond technicians will be able to help.

However, depending on the damage, the replacement parts might be costly on the consumer’s end. Worse comes to worse is that the parts may need to be imported from somewhere and might delay the repairs even further. 

In some cases, the breakdown is just too major that it’s more cost efficient to buy a new aircond for replacement.

We believe that everyone wants a good quality of life. Hence, we incorporate air conditioners into our homes.

However, not servicing the AC will reduce life quality not just in the air we breathe but also financially. 

Need of frequent repairs

Most aircond issues can be avoided with regular AC servicing and maintenance.

However, the lack of awareness on this usually puts our clients in a spot where they give us a call right when their AC is at a critical stage. The air conditioner can typically last up to 15 years under Malaysia’s climate. 

However, this figure drops significantly without any maintenance effort. In some scenarios we see with our clients, we have to perform repairs on an air conditioning unit that is just 3 years in operation.

It’s common that as the air conditioner ages, it will start to show more problems. However, this repair frequency will be much lesser if there’s proper maintenance effort put in place. 

Hope this helps to clarify the major concerns of what happens if AC is not serviced. It is crucial to get your ACs checked.

Not only that, it’s important to get the right aircond service team to do it for you. Getting experienced technicians will make sure the inspections are done right. Having that said, aircond maintenance is important but is it necessary to service the AC every year? Read it in our blog and find out more!

At Sol Aircond Service, we provide the best air conditioning services in Cyberjaya, Seri Kembangan, Kuala Lumpur and more. Reach out to us today and we will keep your air conditioner headaches at bay. 

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