why is my aC running constantly

As a homeowner, it’s almost inevitable that I will sometimes tinker around the electrical appliances around me. One little part of the house that I love to explore is the air conditioner. The air conditioner has become an essential in most homes in Malaysia. It works tirelessly to keep us cool. But, it shouldn’t always be running all the time. Once it reached the thermostat set temperature it should stop. One day it just goes on marathon mode. So, I wonder why is my AC running constantly? 

Here is few common reasons why is your AC running constantly:

1. Blocked air filters


Blocked air filters can cause your AC to run non-stop. The air filter functions to block dust and debris from getting the highway access to your room.

It is meant to filter these impurities and make sure that the air that comes out of the air conditioner is quality.

Overtime, dust will tend to form a thick layer on the filter. When this happens, it impedes the air flow.

This hampers the AC efficiency to channel enough air into the evaporating coil to cool it.

As a result, there is not enough output of cool air coming from the aircond. The room gets cool at a very slow pace. The thermostat keeps signalling the AC to keep on working hard to cool the room. That’s why your AC is running constantly. 

We suggest cleaning your filter once a week. More often if you keep hairy pets such as cats and dogs. It is quite easy to keep it clean. Just check out our simple guide in our blog!

2. Low refrigerant charge

Low refrigerant charge can keep your AC run constantly

Low refrigerant charge can keep your AC run constantly. Refrigerant is the coolant in the aircon system that makes it possible for air conditioners to cool the air.

When the AC is not cool enough, it can be an indication of low refrigerant charge. This basically means that your AC has lower cooling power and takes longer to reach the set temperature.

In some cases, your aircon may not even be able to cool the room at all because the refrigerant level is just too low. This is what keeps your aircon running non-stop. 

Some of the reasons why your aircon is having low refrigerant is possibly due to leak. It is advised to call your aircond technician to inspect for signs of leak and get the proper aircon fix measures in place.

3. Installing AC with improper size

Blocked condenser unit

Low AC cooling capacity can be a factor why your AC keeps on running. When you’re looking to fit a new aircon system into your room, it’s important to check that the cooling capacity is sufficient for the volume of your room.

Big room requires an aircon with bigger cooling power. Installing a lower specs aircond will make it run constantly to cool it. 

If your central AC is too small, then it will constantly work hard to cool your home. This will wear it out sooner than expected.

Your home will also never reach the cooling that you’ve set even when the system is running non-stop. The aircon system is basically heading towards a breakdown with time running on an hourglass. 

Getting air conditioner unit that is too large will reduce the efficiency of removing moisture from the atmosphere of your house.

This will cause the air output to be moist and clammy. The large AC unit size will also cause it to has constant short running times that takes up more electricity, causing a higher electricity bill. 

Just imagine installing a small unit of aircon in a hall. When there’s more people, it will need to work extra hard to keep the entire space cool. In some cases, it can be quite impossible to cool the space at a comfortable level. 

It is best to get advise of certified aircond technician from Sol Aircond Service. We will be able to provide you with the best aircon that fits the cooling power that your space needs.

4. Faulty blower motor and fan can force your AC to be always running

The blower motor and fan functions to bring in the air into your air conditioning system. If for some reason, they are not functioning properly or running at low speed, this makes the system get less air to be able to run efficiently.

As a result, it takes super long to cool the room. Your AC has no choice but to run constantly to reach the cooling that you’ve set for it. 

5. Blocked condenser unit

The condenser is the outdoor unit of the air conditioner. It is prone to being blocked by debris or dust.

Sometimes, accumulated leaves can be a problem when there’s tree branches growing near it. Though it’s rare, it is also a common spot for birds to take shelter or make a nest out of it.

Insects may also turn it into their home. Any of these issues can potentially reduce the performance of the air conditioner and cause it to run constantly. 

Professional service may be required to carry out AC maintenance of your condenser unit. Do not attempt to do it yourself.

The condenser unit is usually situated just outside the wall of the building. Working at heights can be dangerous for untrained people. Ideally reach out to us at Sol Aircond Service. We will be able to assist with restoring your air conditioner into tip top condition.

6. Leaking ducts

Leaking ducts is another factor why your AC runs constantly. The leak allows cool air to escape through these faulty ductwork.

This is quite a common condition when your system is old. There is a possibility that the joints are not sealed and the insulation is no longer there due to wear and tear of time. 

As more cool air escapes, the temperature of your room will never reach its set point. The air conditioner will keep on running and consuming more electricity.

This can be fairly hard to discover without the right tools and skills. Rather than scratching your head to figure it out yourself, it’s much more time and stress-free to contact your local aircond professional for their service!

7. Faulty thermostat

A faulty thermostat can be a powerful reason as to why your aircon is running constantly. Thermostat functions to detect the room temperature. If it’s not reaching the set temperature, then the aircond will keep on running. 

So, it’s a very vital piece of component in the air conditioning system to make sure you get the right cooling level.

If it’s faulty, then it doesn’t know when the temperature is reached. No signal will be sent to the AC to tell it to stop running. 

Detecting this problem with the aircon may be difficult. It can go unnoticeable. Getting a qualified aircond contractor to service your AC will save you time and hassle.

8. Frozen evaporator coil inside the AC

A frozen evaporator coil can hamper the cooling process of the air. This component of the aircon system is not supposed to be frozen.

However, it may happen when there’s a leak with the coils or obstructed airflow within the air conditioning system. 

One of the signs of a frozen evaporator coil to look out for is when it’s blowing warm air. If you do suspect that your AC has this kind of problem, turn it off completely.

Call in a professional aircond technician right away to perform a full inspection. Repairs have to be done soon to prevent more damage to the AC system.

9. Dirt covered air conditioner coils

The existence of dirt or debris such as grass, mud and even pet hair will block the air flow. This reduced air flow will diminish the performance level of your air conditioning unit.

The cooling gets nowhere near where you want it to be even when it runs continuously the entire day. 

Periodical maintenance for your aircon is the best way to prevent this.

Homeowners should engage with aircond service contractors from time to time to perform a system checkup every year. The inspection will also cover your condenser and evaporator coils. 

The condenser coils which are located outside the building are prone to attack from the elements and mother nature. They’re also hard to reach.

Therefore, a visual check is not going to be possible. Because this part of the AC is constantly exposed to airflow, it is prone to the accumulation of dust and dirt which will coat the surface of the coil. 

A coated coil will reduce the heat-transfer process between the environmental air and the coolant. This makes the air that is released in the vent to be less cool.

This poor cooling performance will translate to higher consumption of electricity and longer AC system run. 

We can’t highlight enough the importance of annual aircond service to remove this accumulation of dust and dirt in the system. 

We hope this post answers your questions on “Why is my AC running constantly”. If you do encounter such issues with your HVAC system, don’t hesitate to approach us at Sol Aircond Service. Our experience and skills will be able to bring light to these gloomy problems that you’re facing with your aircon!

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