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Getting an air conditioner for your home is a great step towards better quality living. It’s a blessing against the hot Malaysia weather. They provide a cool and comfortable environment to come home to. A cool environment also helps one to get better sleep. There’s no denying that it plays an integral part in most of our lives nowadays. However, selecting an aircon can be a challenge. There’s horse power (HP), room size and all that needs to be considered. Worry not. This guide on how to choose air conditioner Malaysia is created just for that. 

Here’s a few points on how to choose air conditioner in Malaysia that we should know about: 

1. Pick an air conditioner with the right horse power

Pick an air conditioner with the right horse power

The first thing to look at before selecting an air conditioner. Most aircon brands in Malaysia display this horsepower rating in the specification so the consumers will know the cooling capacity of the air conditioning unit itself. 

Horsepower in the air conditioner determines how fast it can cool the room. The bigger your room is, the higher the horsepower of the air conditioner you should pick.

The following shows a general idea on how to choose aircon HP should be by the size of the room in square metre: 

Room Size




HP Rating

≤ 10 sqm.


0.5 HP

10 – 15 sqm.

5,000 – 7,500

0.75 HP

15 – 19 sqm.

7,500 – 9,500

1.0 HP

19 – 25 sqm.

9,500 – 12,500

1.5 HP

25 – 35 sqm.

12,500 – 17,500

2.0 HP

35 – 43 sqm.

17,500 – 21,500

2.5 HP

Getting to know the room size before choosing an air conditioner will definitely help. This preparation will assist you in getting the best air conditioner value for your money. 

It’s fair to note that getting an under powered air conditioner means that the room may not get cooled enough or even reach the desired temperature.

The AC will constantly need to work hard to deliver more cooling air, hence a huge increase in the electricity bill. 

On the other hand, getting an overpowered air conditioner will cost more and has other disadvantages. Yes, higher HP aircon can cool the room faster.

However, it means that it will start and stop very frequently. This results in more frequent wear and tear. Cooling is meant to be a slow process.

Blasting cool air too fast will create heat areas around the room, we call it the hot spots. As time goes, you will notice why some areas around the room feel warm and the cooling is unevenly spread.

More factors to consider when choosing the horsepower of your AC unit: 

Sun penetration into the room – if your house is facing the sun, your room will get warmer than others. It’s best to get a higher HP of the air conditioner after factoring in the size of the room.

You can also consider putting on dark curtains and tint the window to reduce the heat. 

Insulation – Some houses have different types of windows that are not insulated. Ventilation is good but when you want to keep the room cool, these cracks and spaces need to be well insulated.

Consider a higher HP aircon if the room is not sealed appropriately, especially at the windows.

Before choosing your air conditioner, contact us at Sol Aircond Service. Our aircond contractor has the skills and expertise to help you give an assessment and provide suggestions. We also can help to install air conditioners in your home the right way.

2. Choose energy saving air conditioner

Air conditioner takes a huge chunk of your electricity bill if it’s constantly used. In most cases, it can be inevitable.

Therefore, picking the right air conditioner for your house in Malaysia is one of the best way not only to help you save energy but also help the environment as well. 

To choose an electricity saving AC, look for the energy efficiency labels issued by the Energy Commission


This label shows how efficient the aircon is in terms of energy consumption with 5 stars being the most efficient and lesser as it goes with less stars.

It has been made a rule that all manufacturers of electrical appliances need to comply with these standards of energy performance test. The same goes for television, fans, and refrigerator as well. 

Ideally, pick the air conditioning unit with 5 stars. 

3. Choose the right type of AC for your house

Next on how to choose air conditioner Malaysia, we need to determine the type of AC for the house.

There are basically two types of air conditioner to choose from – split-unit wall mounted AC and cassette ceiling mounted AC. 

Split-unit – this type of AC is the most common for apartments and condominiums. This is because the architecture of the house itself becomes a factor.

Split AC unit comes with an indoor unit that vents the cool air and outdoor unit, the compressor. The standard height in which the indoor unit is mounted on the wall is generally 7 to 8 feet. 

Cassette-ceiling – this type of air conditioner is suitable for big houses. The indoor part of the air conditioner is mounted on the ceiling, giving it a clean look.

Despite this almost flat appearance on your ceiling, the whole AC part is actually about 70 cm in thickness.

So, you can imagine that to accommodate this type of AC, it needs a decent amount of ceiling space. Such that is not feasible for most condominiums or apartments.

4. Select aircond that suits your lifestyle

Select aircond that suits your lifestyle

Knowing how to select an air conditioner also depends on what you do at home. Some people work at home while others work at an office out there.

If you spend less time at home, then it’s fine to get an air conditioner with slightly higher horsepower. Just to pamper yourself for that extreme cooling blast when you get home. 

However, if you’re in the house most of the time, it’s better to get AC with just the right horsepower and one that is energy efficient.

Chances are that the air conditioner will be turned on for longer periods of time. Keeping the electricity bills down will be one of the main keys to think about. 

Other than that, the position of the air conditioner is also important. Get your air conditioner installed with the air pointing to your working space.

That way, you will get the cooling effect directly. This makes it possible for you to get cooled without having your AC to cool the entire room. 

There’s also daily activities to consider. Some heat-generating activities such as cooking and baking will undeniably heat up the living space.

This is generally fine for most common usage. However, for home-based business, it is inevitable that it will go on throughout the day.

In this case, getting a higher powered air conditioning system will help to provide comfort to others in the household. 

Read on for more tips on how to choose air conditioner Malaysia.

5. Choose air conditioner with basic useful functions

One of the most essential buttons that your AC remote should have is the on and off button.

Depending on the brand that you’re getting, some don’t even have this. The air conditioner has to be manually switched on and off at the indoor unit itself.

This is inconvenient though at a cheaper cost. 

Here’s several more important settings that an air conditioner should have: 

Temperature setting – this allows you to set the temperature high or low. The lowest is usually at 16 °C and the warmest is at 30°C. 

Fan speed – this controls the fan speed from low to high. Auto will set it running to match the set temperature. Faster fan speed cools the room faster and vice versa. 

Timer – use this to set the timer to turn on or off. It can be conveniently set so that you always get to come home to a comfortable and cool environment right after work. 

Sleep mode – when AC is in sleep mode, it works less harder, consuming less electricity. Even so, it still keeps you at a comfortable level by maintaining a steady temperature with minor and noticeable change in the degree.

The aircon is either working hard or turned off completely. This allows you to wake up to a comfortable temperature as well. 

6. Always choose inverter type of air conditioner

Always choose inverter type of air conditioner

Inverter type of aircond unit is the best of what technology offers by far. It is perfect to be used in most homes.

This type of air conditioner has better control in temperature regulation. It can slow down or speed up accordingly. 

On the other hand, we have a non-inverter type of aircon. This type of aircon will work its way to reach the set temperature.

After that it just shuts off and restarts again when the temperature is warm. This start-stop operation usually utilizes more electricity and also creates noise. 

Inverter aircon is the one to go for!

That’s it! We hope this guide on how to choose air conditioner Malaysia will prove to be useful to you.

Let us know in the comments if you have heard of other points that we all need to give it a thought before purchasing a new AC!

It’s always useful to know how to choose the right air conditioner for your house. 

Regular aircond service will help retain your AC’s efficiency close to a brand new one.Sol Aircond Service provides full range aircond service in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.  Be sure to hit us up and we’ll take care of your air conditioners without stress on you.

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