10 Top Reasons Why Air Conditioner Not Cooling Enough

The sun is blazing hot and you just reached home. You turned the air conditioner on and blast it at the coldest level. But wait, something is not right. The AC blows cold but not cold enough. What a bummer. Air conditioner not cooling enough is one of the common issues that we handle for our clients. Here’s some reasons why the air conditioner not cooling enough: 

1. Air filter being obstructed

dirty air filter can cause ac not cooling enough

The air conditioner needs to have a smooth path to blow the coolness out. When the pathway is being blocked for some reason, the coolness decreases.

So, whenever your home AC is not cooling enough, chances are that the filter might be clogged from all the dust. 

In this case, you might need to clean the filter. You can check out our guide on how to clean the filter. Ideally, it has to be done at least once a week. It’s quite easy to open up the frontal compartment and have a look by yourself.

If you see the dustiness accumulating, clean it up. It’s a simple way to take care of your AC so it takes care of you in the hot weather of Malaysia.

2. Aircon coils loaded with debris

One of the most important parts of an air conditioning unit is the aircond coil. It’s in the condenser unit of the AC to be precise. Its function is to dissipate heat to the external environment. Then, the refrigerant works its role to create cooling air. 

Over time, this is also another part of the air conditioner that is prone to dust accumulation.

As more and more dust covers the condenser coil, it becomes less effective in releasing the heat. Thus, creating the condition where the AC unit is not cooling enough. Cleaning the coil will help improve the cooling effect in this case. 

3. Low Refrigerant Level

low refrigerant level causing air conditioner not cooling enough

Refrigerant or coolant is the important ingredient in the mechanism behind what makes aircon cool. When the coolant flows through the evaporator coil, the air is cooled and then flows through the unit and released out of the indoor unit. That’s how we all can enjoy the cooling air. 

If the coolant level decreases which can be due to leaking or just lowers over time, that’s when the state of AC not cold enough occurs. When this happens, it is time to give us a call at Sol Aircond Service to help top up the coolant in your air conditioning unit. 

4. Air conditioner with low cooling capacity

If the air conditioner is not strong enough to cool the room, then it’s expected that the room will never feel as cool as how we want it to be.

There are several factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner – the size of the room, the ceiling height, the sunlight direction, number of occupants and more. 

It is important to seek advice from your local aircond technician before purchasing the ideal air conditioner for your room.

In this case of the air conditioner not cooling enough, an AC replacement might need to be scheduled to be effective. 

Otherwise, there are several other measures that can be taken to help a bit when AC not cold enough. One of them is to install a fan and switch it on to help circulation of the cool air.

Keep the curtain down and consider tinting your house window. That way, it can reduce the impact of the sunlight and help your room cool better.  

5. Compressor breakdown causing AC not cooling enough

Other than refrigerant and condenser coil, the compressor is another essential component of the entire air conditioning unit that generates the cooling effect.

Compressor is a motor that compresses the coolant. If it is faulty, your aircon will not be able to absorb the heat from inside the room and transfer it out. 

The compressor is key to the cooling cycle. Without it, AC not cold enough is going to be the scenario that will happen.

Homeowners might have difficulty in identifying this issue. So, don’t hesitate to contact us at Sol Aircond Service. Our experienced aircond technician will be able to identify the problem quickly and get it solved.

6. Old air conditioner

old air conditioner do not cool as new ones

Just like every equipment, when age catches up, it will start to fail. More components inside will wear and tear.

It’s better off buying and installing a new air conditioner than to fork out a huge sum of money to fix it. An aircon is considered old if it has been operating for more than 10 years. 

However, this also depends on the frequency of usage. Aircond that is turned on the whole day for years will have a shorter lifespan.

When all of a sudden, the air conditioner not cooling enough, it might be best to reach out to an aircon expert and get it inspected. 

7. Refrigerant leak

As we have gone through together earlier, refrigerant is what helps to remove the heat to the outside condenser unit. This leaves only the cool air blowing through the indoor aircon unit. 

When you spot a leak, it’s best to quickly give us a call at Sol Aircond Service to get it repaired as soon as possible.

The refrigerant leak can be dangerous and it is also harmful to the environment. Therefore it needs to be handled with utmost care.

8. Blocked outdoor condenser unit

blocked outdoor condenser unit hampers the ac efficiency

This is another common reason as to why air conditioner not cooling enough.The condenser is always situated outside the building.

It functions to release heat and therefore, there’s no better place to put them than outdoors. However, this process of dissipating the heat could be obstructed by plants, bushes or other debris.

This is quite a common case especially when the condenser unit is placed at ground level. 

If the condenser is somehow blocked by something, then it won’t be able to release the heat from the coils effectively.

That’s when the problem of home AC not cooling enough appears. This can easily be overcomed by simple clearing the debris from the areas around the condenser unit. 

Give your garden a little bit of trim. Make sure there are no tall grasses or bushes that is blocking the outdoor unit.

It’s always a great idea to check the surrounding area especially after a weather storm. Just by simply checking this out, you could potentially save the effort of calling an aircond contractor to inspect.

9. Incorrect thermostat setting on the AC

The air conditioner thermostat functions to control the temperature level that the AC is expected to  provide.

When your air conditioner is blowing off warm air, check if the setting is set on “On” mode. If it is, turn it to “Auto” mode instead. By turning it into auto mode, the fan will only work when the air is being cooled. 

Setting the AC in “On”mode will make the blower run non-stop without cooling your home. The auto setting is the one thing that turns your blower off automatically when your room reaches the set temperature.

This setting is one of the most overlooked reasons as to why air conditioner not cooling enough.

10. Faulty thermostat

The thermostat is a component of the air conditioner that helps to detect the fluctuations in the temperature. If it is damaged then this can be a reason why the AC is not cooling enough.

This can be hard to detect without technical knowledge. But, you can run some tests by setting different temperatures with the thermostat. Check and see if it’s doing anything. 

To make your life easier, it is better to request an inspection from your trusted air conditioner service provider.

It’ll save you a lot of time and stress. Check out our blog to read about what happens if you’re not servicing your aircon.

What to do if AC not cooling house enough?

What to do if AC not cooling house enough

Before getting professionals to come for an inspection on your air conditioners, here are a few things that you can do home AC not cooling enough:

Check the thermostat setting

Make sure that the thermostat is set to Auto or Cool mode. You should be able to feel the difference with your hand.

Place your hand on the air conditioner pathway and check if the air is cool.

Clean the air filter 

Dirty aircon filters can block the cool air from coming out effectively. This will make your AC work harder and your electric bills soar. It is best to wash the filter at least once a month.

If you have pets running around often, then you may need to clean it more frequently. Check out more tips on how to save more electricity consumption in AC.

Check for any block on the outdoor unit

If you see anything blocking the aircon unit, remove them. Ensure that the area around the air conditioner condenser is cleared.

Anything blocked may reduce the efficiency of the aircond. Make it a habit to remove any debris or weed that may be blocking the air circulation.

We hope this post has been educational to inform you on the state as to why air conditioner not cooling enough. Ultimately, aircon service is key to keep your AC working at all times.

We’re the leading aircond service in Cyberjaya and its surrounding cities such as Seri Kembangan, Puchong and Putrajaya. Sol Aircond Service provides reliable and trustworthy aircond service to local residents and businesses. We provide a full range aircon service – installation, maintenance, repair, replacement, AC gas refill and more. Reach out to us today and get your aircon needs well taken care of. 

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