How To Reduce Electricity Consumption Of Air Conditioner

How To Reduce Electricity Consumption Of Air Conditioner

Sometimes, Malaysia’s weather can be so hot and unforgiving.That’s why aircond installation in your premise and house is an important thing nowadays. It can be overwhelming that it may make one having difficulty sleeping at night. That’s when one feels compelled to turn on the air conditioner but the electricity bill becomes a factor of concern. Here’s some useful tips on how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner

1. Don’t Set The Temperature Too Low

Proper use of the air conditioner will help to keep you cool and reduce AC power consumption at the same time. It is often unnecessary to set the air conditioner to 16 degrees Celsius unless you’re a polar bear.

In fact, setting the temperature that low will increase the energy consumption. This in turn might also make you feel uncomfortable and wake up with a runny nose the next morning.

The best setting for the air conditioner in Malaysia weather is to keep the temperature at 23 to 25 degrees Celsius for a comfortable cooling level with efficient power usage. 

You might be tempted to set the temperature all the way down, especially right after you come back to cool the house quickly.

This is fine only when you remember to set it back to an optimum level of temperature.

Leaving it running at low temperature will not only waste electricity but also makes the room too cool for comfort. 

2. Clean the AC Filter Periodically

The aircon filter is one of the easiest DIY maintenance that every homeowner can do by themselves.

Don’t forget to check out our post on cleaning the AC filter in our blog. Filter that is not cleaned will block the output channel of the air conditioner. As a result, the aircond is not cold.

This will also lead to higher power consumption. To reduce energy consumption of air conditioners, cleaning the filter every week is highly recommended. This is particularly true for heavy AC users. 

If you’re too busy to do that, worry not. Give a call to us, your local air conditioner expert and we will take care of your air conditioners for you.

You might be interested to check out our blog to find out is it necessary to service your aircon every year.

3. Reduce the frequency of flipping the Aircond switch

It’s always a good practice to switch off the electrical appliances whenever not in use. This is true for most cases.

However, if you’re heading out of the room for a short while only to come back later then it’s not recommended to turn the AC off in that short period of time.

This is because the more frequently you flip the switch on or off, the higher the electricity consumption. 

4. Choose Inverter Type Of Air Conditioner

There’s different types of air conditioner and inverter is one of them. This is the most energy-saving type compared to the general ones.

So, as a wise consumer, this is the one to go for. What’s special about the inverter type of air conditioner is that it keeps running at a consistent capacity to keep the room cool at a steady temperature.

This actually helps to save electricity compared to the other non-inverter type that turns on and off constantly to keep the temperature cool. 

5. Pick the Air Conditioner with The Appropriate Cooling Capacity

This is a powerful tip on how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner.

Before buying your air conditioner, the cooling capacity is one of the major factors that you should put into the list of consideration other than price.

This highly depends on the size of the space or room that you want to cool down.

Picking an underpowered air conditioner would make it overwork to get the desired level of cooling. This will increase the electrical cost. 

Besides the room size, there’s also other factors that need to be considered such as the direction of the sunlight, the ceiling height, the number of people living in the house as well as activities that give off heat such as baking. 

Rooms with windows where the sun can shine through are nice. But, this also means that your aircon has to work harder to cool the room down.

A high ceiling height basically means that the interior space of the room is much larger and therefore will also mean that you will need to pick a higher capacity aircond.

The same goes for the number of people who stay in the living space. More people will generally make the room warmer. 

One important factor that you should also consider is if you’re a baker or just generally someone who loves cooking.

These activities are fine and wonderful. But, for your air conditioner, they have to take more energy to cool off these heat. 

It is best to consult with a professional aircond technician to get some recommendation on the cooling capacity that is suitable to your space.

More on how to reduce the electricity consumption of air conditioner next.

6. Use Together with A Ceiling Fan

This is a powerful tip on how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner. A ceiling fan can help boost the cooling capacity of the room.

This helps in faster cooling so your aircond gets to keep the set temperature at a faster rate. Considering that the AC is more energy consuming than a fan, the helping hand of the ceiling fan will definitely help to reduce electricity consumption in AC. 

7. Seal the Room

The air conditioner constantly works to keep the temperature as close as possible as you set it in the controller. So, if there’s any cracks or windows that allow the cool air to escape, then the AC will do its work which consumes electricity.

Sealing the cracks by the window or doors will help to keep the cool air in and the warm air out. Make sure you close your windows tightly as well! Read on for more tips on how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner.

8. Close the Curtains

If your window is facing the sun, then your room is bound to be hot. The aircon will have to fight harder to counter this temperature spike.

Do your AC a favor and put on some tinting onto the window to reduce the heat from coming in.

You can also setup blinds or curtains that will help block the heat from getting inside as well. These all will help to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner.

9. Reduce Heat-generating Activities

This tip on how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioners might be a little bit controversial but we’re just gonna put it out there.

Activities such as baking, cooking or even taking hot showers can really hike up the temperature. This is more so during day time when the sun is blazing hot.

During these hot hours and activities, the air conditioner will have to work harder. It’s probably inevitable especially if you have a home baking business. 

But, there’s a little measure that you can do to help! 

Install the venting fans for your bathroom and kitchen. It will help to expel the hot air quicker. Thus, reduce the heavy load of your AC to keep the space cool.

Check out the next tip on how to reduce the electricity consumption of air conditioner.

10. Get Your Aircond Serviced Once A Year

Cleaning the filter is a basic move to make sure the vents are not obstructed. However, there’s an interior part of the air conditioning unit that needs to be cleaned off the dust and bacteria as well.

Keep your cooling system efficient by having your AC maintained regularly. To do this effectively, call us at Sol Aircond Service to give your AC the treatment it deserves.

We will make sure the evaporator and condenser coils are free from dust and dirt!

It’s an industry recommendation that the AC gets serviced yearly but what happens if it doesn’t?

That’s 10 tips on how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner. Hope these tips are useful not only to help you to reduce the cost of your electricity bill but also help save the planet. 

10 Tips On How To Reduce Electricity Consumption Of Air Conditioner Infographic

how to reduce electricity consumption of air conditioner infographic
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